Global Warming or Not…We’ve Got Huge Problems

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Our lives truly do begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter. Whether you buy into the global warming theory or not, you have to admit there have been some strange climate changes across the globe in the past few years. From record breaking heat waves and catastrophic droughts to deadly flooding.

If you haven’t been directly impacted by any of these events I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet.  One aspect that should be of great concern to all of us  is how these changes may be directly affecting something we can’t live without…our drinking water. I am amazed at the lack of attention we give to hydration.  ALL issues can be made better (if not reversed) just by drinking enough healthy water. 

Global Warming or Not…We’ve Got Huge Problems.

Autism…Finger Pointing and Blame Game. Take Action!

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A 2012 study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1 in 88 U.S. children had an autism spectrum disorder — up almost 25 percent from just a few years before. But the rate varied widely, from 1 in 47 in Utah to 1 in 210 in Alabama. Furthermore, the rate of autism on military bases is  consistently and considerably higher than those in a civilian environment.  As you ponder the higher rate of autism per geographic region,  I believe that it’s clear that much of the “blame” should be directed to every day environmental exposure that Mom and Dad may not want to think about.

Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…What We Can Do Now has a lot to say about environmental exposure.  This study was conducted by NIH in conjunction with the President’s Cancer Panel in 2008/2009.  This study is very telling and very convicting…

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Humans of New York: Vidal’s image helps raise more than $1 million!

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~ Frederick Douglass

Boy’s ‘Humans of New York’ image helps raise more than $1 million –

(CNN) “One principal’s inspiration has resulted in more than $1 million in donations for what started as an initiative to raise funding for a class trip to Harvard….#BrownsvilleBrilliance

Humans of New York” creator Brandon Stanton launched the campaign to benefit Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a middle school in Brownsville, Brooklyn, known as a “safe zone in a crime-plagued neighborhood.” The goal of the trip is to broaden students’ horizons and expand their idea of their potential, Stanton wrote on the campaign page.

It took about 45 minutes for an online campaign to raise an initial $100,000.

The campaign evolved from a picture this week on “Humans of New York,” the massively popular photo series of everyday people Stanton meets on the street. The fundraising campaign’s rapid success speaks in part to the reach of “Humans of New York,” which has a social media following of nearly 12 million on Facebook alone. It’s also a testament to the ability of social media to breathe new life into a feel-good story.

The inspirational post featured a picture of a Mott Hall student named Vidal in a housing project in Brownsville. He describes the most influential person in his life, principal Nadia Lopez.

“When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us. She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter.”

They discussed how the “Humans of New York” community could help further the school’s vision, Stanton said in a Facebook post. They decided to create a fund to provide each incoming sixth-grade class a chance to get out of their neighborhood and visit Harvard University….

President Obama recently met with Vidal and his principal, Ms. Nadia Lopez of Mott Hall Bridges Academy Read their incredible story:

Photo raises $1.2m to send US pupils to Harvard via @YahooNews
Humans of New York

“On January 19th, I met a young man on the street named Vidal, and I asked him to tell me about the person who had influenced him the most in his life. He told me about his principal, Ms. Lopez, and he explained how she had taught him that he mattered. Over the next two weeks, I learned the story of Ms. Lopez and her school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy. By hearing the stories of MHBA students and educators, my eyes were opened to the unique challenges facing a school in an under-served community. Ms. Lopez taught me that before a student is ready for academic training, they must be made to understand that they deserve success. And that can be the hardest battle in education. Ms. Lopez always said that there was no place her students did not belong. Recently we received an invitation that proved just that.”  ~ Brandon Stanton @HumansOfNY.

This campaign’s scope has expanded as its pot has continued to grow. Initially, it was intended to cover lodging and transportation costs for three Mott Hall classes to make the trip to the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus. Stanton said that funds raised beyond the initial goal would go toward summer programming for the school.

“Learning stops during the summer for my scholars. We have what is called a ‘summer slide,’ ” Lopez says on the fund-raising campaign page.

“They need a safe place where they can do activities and continue to grow their minds.”

Stanton also posted that because of the campaign’s success, “We are starting a scholarship fund available to the graduates of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. A committee of MHBA educators and administrators will choose the recipients each year.”

The scholarship fund will be named for Vidal, the student who started it all, who will be the fund’s first recipient, Stanton announced.


J. Ivy: Dear Father Letters

One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed!

The Award Winning Poet J. Ivy gives a preview of his new book “Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain”
Available on Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. Release Date January 27, 2015.
Published by Beyond Words an Imprint of Atria Books/Simon and Schuster

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Written by Your Friendly Neighborhood Poet, J. Ivy.
Brought to you by @beyond_words_books @atriabooks @simonandschuster

Dear Father Home – Dear Father.


Check out what J. Ivy did on #MLKDay2015

GREAT#MLK Weekend!! NEW VIDEO J. Ivy ‪#‎DreamBIG‬ Directed by ‪#‎ChrisVelona‬ from the book ‪#‎DearFather‬ ‪#‎BreakingtheCycleofPain‬ ‪#‎OneMillionHeartsWritten‬ ‪#‎OneMillionHeartsHealed‬ ‪#‎NewBook‬ ‪#‎ThePowerOfForgiveness‬ ‪#‎BookClub‬ ‪#‎BookClubs‬ ‪#‎aMustRead‬ Released January 27, 2015… Watch here:



D.F.L. is a Community Service Project created by . The Goal: 1 Million Letters – 1 Million Hearts Healed! Send letters to


To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Discover the science behind the interconnection of all things in the Universe. This flow of energy is not just at a cosmic level, it also flows inside you.  When you discover the other ways that your physical body is connected to the Universe, you may never look at yourself the same way again. Thank you!

We can accomplish more together…


Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein, the Director of Research at the Resonance Foundation, was deeply inspired by Einstein and continued to pursue  Einstein’s idea that geometry held the key to creating a unified equation for the Universe.  For decades,  Nassim Haramein continued to explore solutions and finally made a huge breakthrough.

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A Vision Without Action Is Just A Dream


Divorced from the cosmos, from nature, from society and from each other, we have become fractured and fragmented.

Chant for a Better Life:


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

“If you are stuck, pray to release the chains of doubt and fear clouding your mind of faith. Pray for the unbounded confidence and courage to win over your past and step joyfully into your bright future,” President Ikeda (12 April 2002, World Tribune).

We Are World Peace




Dharma – Oka

UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa | Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall Festivals  ☀️Music and Arts of South Africa ☀️ Beyond borders…every revolution has an anthem. Sounds Of Freedom!

Ubuntu Education Fund presents a musical journey of social activism and reflection with Hugh Masekela, Asheru, and Dr. Frank Lipman.

UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa | Carnegie Hall.

UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa, a three-week festival from October 10 to November 5, 2014 at Carnegie Hall and partner venues throughout New York City, are inviting audiences to explore the incredibly vibrant and diverse culture of South Africa.

Enjoy Carnegie Hall’s UBUNTU program including concerts by legendary artists with trumpeter, vocalist, and composer Hugh Masekela performing with vocalist Vusi Mahlasela; renowned vocal ensemble Ladysmith Black Mambazo; Grammy Award-winning vocalist Angélique Kidjo in a tribute to the Miriam Makeba; celebrated pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim, and an evening of short films by much-admired South African visual artist William Kentridge with live musical accompaniment.

The festival is also showcasing forms of South African music that may be lesser known, including the powerful spirituality and ecstasy of maskandi music of the Zulu people, music from the emerging young generation of Cape jazz performers, as well as the music of the Xhosa people and of other Southern African traditions, and the country’s unique Cape Malay choral singing that blends Dutch folk songs with beautifully ornamented vocal traditions from as far as Malaysia, Arabia, and East Africa. Thank you!

UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa

Abdullah Ibrahim – Green Kalahari