Take a Dream by Richard Toussaint ~ Harlem River Heritage NYC

Harlem River Park NYC ~ CAW4KIDS
Harlem River Park NYC ~ CAW4KIDS

Take a Dream by Richard Toussaint Slideshow Slideshow http://t.co/qp0gpxz

Take a dream
and blow some life into it
and blow some life into it
Take a dream
Take a star
and plant a wish upon it
and plant a wish upon it
Take a star

Add a prayer
bind them together
So that your dream
is strong enough to weather
Every storm of doubt,
and fear that comes your way
Take your dream
give it life and watch it grow each day
Take a dream


CAW4KIDS has an innovative curriculum that fully integrates the classroom/workplace with an active educational experience allowing students to more effectively plan, implement, evaluate, and continue to learn while using their studies as the basis for taking proper action with life skills and critical thinking needed to improve their lives, workplace, internship, as well as the lives of individuals and institutions outside the classroom.

I highly recommend their remarkable program, incredible team work and trust everyone will enjoy joining them in reaching new heights, youth-created art and the inspiring notable achievements of Program Director, Molaundo Jones.


The decorative stainless steel plaques, featured in the photo album, going from north to south, were designed by Harlem Artists and incorporate the themes of Settlement, History, Culture, People, Folklore, Ecology and Industry in East and Central Harlem. For more information on this project and their works, please see www.harlemriverpark.com

1. “Welcome to Harlem” Haile King Rubie

2. “Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My People” Nikke Williams

3. “Tree of Hope” Mikhail Magaril and Maris Tserarskaya

4. “Home Coming” Nora Mae Carmichael

5. “Madam C.J. Walker and A’lelia Walker” Laura R. Gadson

6. “Skin and Brass” Marcos Dimas

7. “Harlem River Ran-Kan-Kan” Manuel Vega Jr.

8. “The Drummer” ~ Tafa Fiadzigbe

9. “Heartlem” Lina Puerta

10. “Dale Mami/Play it Mami” ~ Junior Manon

11. “Archeology of Memory: They Are Talking” ~ Diogenes Ballester

12. “Little Africa” ~ Donna Dove

13. “Lifecycle” Dionis Ortiz

14. “Malcolm X” ~ Eli Kince

15. “Harlem River Bridge Scene” ~ Misha McGlown

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