Diabetes, Pain & Thyroid Testimonial

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Kangen's Living Water

Diabetes, Pain & Thyroid Testimonial

Below is a testimony from an individual that has tried Kangen Water and experienced results.  This testimonial was submitted by a real person and are presented to you, unedited and in his or her own words.

Ryan C., Laguna Hills, CA

How Long? = 9 months

Hello to you all.  Just to let you know the WONDERFUL benefits of Kangen water!!   First I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, chronic back pain, and thyroid issues where I had to take medicine for both my thyroid and diabetes.  Sometimes my back would be so bad I couldn’t get out of bed.  I do exercise *(walk everyday) and try to eat healthy but I continued to take medication for five years before my friend told me about the Kangen water.   My wife was familiar with alkaline water, she studied the benefits alkaline water can have for people…

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