Diabetes & ORP

 ENAGIC pH chart kw

Kangen's Living Water

Diabetics – ORP, Water and Mineral Salts

NOTE: I do not endorse the products in these videos, in fact I highly recommend drinking Kangen Water that has the minerals, alkaline pH, -800 ORP & is micro-clustered to quickly enter every cell of your body, instead of adding one aspect of these properties to dead water.  However, the information on how minerals are important and how detrimental sugar is to our systems is great! WARNING! Do NOT drink distilled water!!!! It is extremely detrimental to your health!!!


“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM) posted by EM

I just came across these 2 videos from Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, who uses ORP values to help explain why specific mineral salts provide us energy and Health — and it’s important for diabetics, pre-diabetics and anyone who ingests too many carbs, sweetened foods or artificially sweetened foods to know about this…

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