Anxiety , Acidosis & Disease


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Anxiety – An Underlying Cause of Acidosis and Disease


“I’m going crazy…..” “I feel like I’m losing control…..” “I can’t breathe…..” “I must be having a heart attack…..”

It comes on suddenly. You feel wave after wave of fear. Your stomach is in knots. Your heart is pounding so loudly you think it will burst from your chest. Your arms are tingling. You’re nauseous, sweating, trembling and there is a pain in your chest that is starting to shoot down your legs. You became so afraid you can’t catch your breath. What is happening? Are you having a heart attack? Are you dying?

Panic attacks are very real, very unpleasant and emotionally devastating. Many people who experience a panic attack go immediately to a hospital emergency room, prepared to hear the very worst possible news about their health.

Panic attacks are a dramatic example of one of a number…

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