Glenn Gordon: Shadow Government

Shadow Government – Full version from Glenn Gordon on Vimeo.

This reveals how we have been incrementally conditioned over the years. It should make us realise that since this pattern of events is recorded from the earlier part of the last century, how much more will we be socially engineered in 50 years from now?

It includes the shocking story of how you unwittingly submit the most private and intimate details about every aspect of your life every single day. For example, imagine what a retail loyalty card reveals about you. Each time you scan it, a calculation of every item on your shopping list is done in order to reach the value of your discount voucher. This is an exact record of your weekly shopping routine, so it is predictable what you intend to purchase each week. This information is kept on a database somewhere alongside your photo, which is taken up 300 times per day. This loyalty card provides information on how many people you live with, yours and their daily household routines and lifestyles, your diet, your personal hygiene, your habits, your sex life and sexuality, your hobbies and interests, your job and much much more. Almost every electrical item in your home today has an RFID chip. The documents you printed off or the photos you scanned into your computer are all recorded. As soon as you walk out your front door, every step you take and where you go is on CCTV. Someone knows your home is empty.

While you do your shopping, take a look around you. How many people can you spot who are oblivious to their own surroundings? If you accidentally bump into one of them, the chances are, they won’t hear you apologize, since they are cut off from the world through the earpieces, feeding junk or hazardous information to their brains.

However. You could just tell yourself that this is just paranoia, or the programmed response already in circulation, “I have nothing to hide, so I don’t care”.



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