Light in the Darkness

light it up!!!

Eyes of the Mind

One of the thoughts that keeps nagging away at me (in between mundane concerns such as what to cook for dinner tonight) is that if we are to light the grim darkness of the world with goodness and truth then we cannot afford to beat around the bush.  I have been thinking about Hanukkah (which started last night) and how it reminds us to share our light with the world rather than keep it to ourselves.  It is a celebration that encourages us to be less self-absorbed.  It is the story of a constant minority triumphing over a corrupt majority.

This is particularly relevant to the recent passing of the Tasmanian Reproductive Health Act.  The formal opposition to the bill engaged in what can only be described as pettifoggery, quibbling about petty points.  This is something pro-lifers and pro-choicers should be able to agree upon as vexatious and lacking…

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