Natural Alternatives: Food and Herb Cures

Health doesn’t come from plastic bottles. Vitality grows naturally from the way you live your life. Deep down, people already know this. Here at the Herbal Academy, we believe that a holistic herbal-based approach to health is making its way back into the mainstream, right where it belongs.

Food and Herb Cures: 10 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives

5 Herbs and Spices that Can Cure Cancer ~ RiseEarth.

…It’s good to grow in our knowledge of simple foods, plants, flowers, and herbs that can be used to protect us against illness as well as cure us from infections and disease.

Some of these foodstuffs can be consumed in their organic state…some gain highest potency when brewed into teas or tinctures…while others are best used as essential oils…or made into 100 % vegetarian, non-GMO capsules by using a capsule machines.

The Downfall of Pharmaceutical Antibiotics…

Learn what your great ancestors knew about the natural world and begin to build your own apothecary….

Today, the science is even clearer that antibiotic overuse in agriculture is dangerous — yet the same risks persist.

Representatives of the livestock and drug industries try to dismiss part of the problem by saying that overuse of antibiotics in hospitals is responsible for the evolution of superbugs. Medical overprescribing is surely ONE piece of the puzzle. But those concerned with human health cannot dismiss or ignore the overwhelming evidence that agricultural practices also contribute to the  problem.

About 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in this country are intended for food animals, not people.

The Good News :: There Are All-Natural Antibiotic Alternatives…


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