The Last Drummers: Grace, Power, Artistry

Welcome To Our World!

Change Gone Come. Ballet Meets Conga. Grace, Power, Artistry ♠♥♣♦

Congrats to The Last Drummers on their new project with the Arch Contemporary Ballet! LP Congas Bridging the Gap…

We Are World Peace  Thank you!

Band Members

  El Vanterpool

  Saa Vanterpool

  Khaz Benyahmeen

Stay tuned for more info on the  renowned drumming sensations #TheLastDrummers  who were chosen to collaborate with the Arch Contemporary Ballet on a World Premiere Excerpt of World’s Joy presented by Boston Contemporary Dance Festival 2014. A full premiere coming to New York City this November 15th, 7:30pm at the Sheen Center.

Boston Contemporary Dance Festival 2014 #archballet  #latinpercussion

#Grace #Power #Artistry #ArchContemporaryBallet

Welcome to Our World….: via


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