This Pit Bull with Lipstick Says Stop Preying On Our Kids!

H2O Revival

Energy drinks? Can we really believe that by drinking Gatorade our kids are going to just slam dunk, pitch a no-hitter or tackle harder?  Coca Cola and Pepsi reinvented themselves to capture the multi-billion dollar bottled water business and, although they don’t “trash” their core high fructose, high aspartame products as part of the campaign, they DO mislead us into believing that if we were good moms and dads we’d feed our kids ONLY bottled water. Total Garbage!

Even the U.S. Government has already warned in the “Reducing Environment Cancer Risk” 2008-2009 Cancer Panel report that it is FAR better to drink filtered tap water than commercially bottled water. Apparently we don’t care if we’re feeding them petro in a bottle, if the advertising agencies push our buttons hard enough we’ll put nipples on recycled water bottles and start them out on bottled water from birth. These companies are trying to convince you that the liquid in their product will help you re-hydrate your body after exertion. The rest is history.

This Pit Bull with Lipstick Says “Stop Preying On Our Kids”!

New You’s Co- Executive Editor, Dr. Sharon McQuillan is acknowledged as being at the forefront of aesthetic, anti-aging and regenerative medicine and is committed to educating consumers on these breakthroughs. It’s no wonder then, that Kangen Water was an honorable mention in the Summer 2013 issue of the publication. The article, “Water, Water Everywhere” by Inge Theron identifies water as “the number-one natural weapon in your age-defying beauty bank.” But she also warns that not all water is created equal, and expresses the importance of choosing your water wisely. Home filtration systems from companies such as Japan’s Enagic and their brand, Kangen Water, do a good job in delivering healthy electrolyzed reduced water. Kangen, which means “return to origin,” is also “micro-clustered,” meaning water molecules are reduced in size, which is believed to aid in body absorption. Its biggest fans say that after six weeks of Kangen water, skin glows, nails are longer, teeth appear healthier, hair is lustrous, lips are hydrated, eyes are brighter, and sugar cravings abate.



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