Intuitive Understanding | Tammy Adams Master Key Experience

Our lives, whether we want to believe it or not, have been lived on autopilot. We placidly move through the events of the day, seldom giving any thought to how the day has unfolded. Oh yes, we will react to stimuli, but that reaction is subconscious. Embraced as truth without a single question otherwise and before we know it our stress is out of control as we continue to repeat the same story over and over again in our minds.

“Doing the work is what makes this course different from all of the others.  If you only read the book, the text, and go through the motions of what is expected, you will receive the same results as you have before.  It is the application of knowledge in the MKMMA course and the creation of new habits that leads to a difference in your life.  It is pushing through the resistance and injecting the readings with emotions that will create a life of your choosing.” A life altering experience….

The Master Keys, through these progressive steps, begins to clear the hard drive and allow us to decide, for ourselves, how we see and react to the world. It is a difficult process because it requires us to let go of what we believe to be true, about ourselves or the world, which in a sense is a rebirth. Our false identify, how we have seen ourselves, fights hard to maintain the illusion and the mental battle can be hard fought.


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