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Energy follows intention. Thank you!!!

Kangen Water™ in the news

Thank you

Respect the Rainbow!
Kangen Water with Rosalyn Harris

The mother of the mighty warrior General Li Kuang was devoured by a ferocious tiger. He spied the beast and shot it with an arrow, but then discovered that what he had seen was only a rock. The arrow lodged itself deep in the rock. He was surprised and tried to duplicate his feat but could not penetrate the stone a second time. Later he came to be known as General Stone Tiger. Your strength of purpose is comparable to his. Though enemies lurk in wait for you, your resolute faith in the Lotus Sutra has forestalled persecutions before they could begin. Realizing this, you must strengthen your faith more than ever. It is impossible to say all I want to in one letter.With my deep respect,
NichirenThe twenty-second day of the tenth month in the first year of Koan (1278)Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 1, page 225.

Wrong King by Meling


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