Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick | memolition

Victory is yours! Keep calm because you know can look significantly younger just by keeping your body properly hydrated. Fluid losses occur continuously, from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool, and these losses must be replaced daily with the freshest hydrogen rich electrolyzed reduced water now available to you by Enagic®Kangen Water® systems for optimal … More Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick | memolition

Living Water: The pH Miracle

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kangenwater321: More on the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water & having a Kangen Water Machine & Benefits Why drinking Alkaline Water? What are the benefits of drinking Alkaline water? “Disease can not live in an alkaline body” Dr. Otto Warberg “NO disease, including CANCER, can exist in an alkaline … More holistic wellness

Charlotte Gerson: Drinking Kangen Water

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Dr. Hiromi Shinya: Alkaline Water Cancer, Diabetes, Acid Reflux

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5 Cancer-Fighting Spices

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Everyday Uses of Turmeric Curcumin – Cancer Cure and More!

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Soursop: Cancer Healing Tree

Cancer Healing Tree is a FACT, Trees and seeds available from Farmer Ray; “Grow Your Own Health” Organic Gardens. There’s also available technical data on how to grow, and maintain veges for ‘human body disease prevention” Consultancy and organic gardens developed and designed. Ph; (61) 424096033. email: everetteddy@yahoo.com The juice from the Guanabana tree in … More Soursop: Cancer Healing Tree