Creative Art Works

“It’s about helping kids open up to art and other people. It teaches us to let people in and shows us responsibility, leadership, and working together. If we do that, we can really do something.” — Creative Art Works student Creative Art Works Engaging young people through art unlocks their creativity allowing them to trust … More Creative Art Works

J. Ivy: Dear Father Letters

One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed! The Award Winning Poet J. Ivy gives a preview of his new book “Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain” Available on Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. Release Date January 27, 2015. Published by Beyond Words an Imprint of Atria Books/Simon and Schuster ‪‪” … More J. Ivy: Dear Father Letters

New York Panorama – Photographs –

New York Panorama – Photographs – Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. ~ Rabindranath Tagore ☀️New York Panorama☀️ Out taking photographs on a May Monday that already felt like summer, Daniel Krieger came across this view in Hudson River Park just south of Pier 40. He liked the … More New York Panorama – Photographs –

The Last Drummers: Grace, Power, Artistry

Welcome To Our World! Change Gone Come. Ballet Meets Conga. Grace, Power, Artistry ♠♥♣♦ Congrats to The Last Drummers on their new project with the Arch Contemporary Ballet! LP Congas Bridging the Gap… We Are World Peace  Thank you! Band Members   El Vanterpool   Saa Vanterpool   Khaz Benyahmeen Stay tuned for more … More The Last Drummers: Grace, Power, Artistry

Harlem EatUp Festival May 14 -17, 2015

Kangen Ukon Roz InnovativeWater EnergySolutions will help you get fit and stay healthy! Harlem EatUp Harlem EatUp! is a new four-day festival in Harlem, New York, celebrating the food, culture, and spirit of East, Central, and West Harlem. SAVE THE DATE: Harlem EatUp is happening May 14-17, 2015! Learn more about the event:  Mark … More Harlem EatUp Festival May 14 -17, 2015

The Art of Daniel Hauben: Urban Oasis “Our sun sheds its light on every place”  Daniel Hauben Hauben engages preschoolers on the question “What is art?”. Hauben celebrates borough’s beauty Daniel Hauben (born May 23, 1956, Bronx, NY) is an American painter who grew up in the Bronx, and who often paints Bronx street scenes. Hauben has also painted outdoors around … More The Art of Daniel Hauben: Urban Oasis

The Last Drummers: Eltsahfahn Skywalkers Vanterpool, Saadyah Vanterpool and Khaz Benyahmeen

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.~John Muir Valerie Simpson The Last Drummers:  Eltsahfahn Skywalkers Vanterpool, Saadyah Vanterpool and Khaz Benyahmeen. #TheLastDrummers  Thank you! The Last Drummers (Source: Related articles John Muir (